Love really is the key

Love is all you need, and love is the answer. Though many may generally agree with this sentiment, from a spiritual perspective, what does it really mean? In our divine quest for reintegration with our Source, it is infinite, unconditional love by which we will return. In this article, I offer my understanding on what loving thyself, loving another, and I explain how love is the answer to solving the question of our existence within this Matrix experience.

What is Love?

Love is the name of the harmonic force which binds the entire universe together. Love is the label we give to describe the highest frequency available within Source, at Source itself, and at that blissful, euphoric, all-knowing state of consciousness, there is no degree of separation whatsoever between wisdom, knowledge, understanding, power, potential, light, and freewill creator ability. Love is the conscious energy which makes up the fabric of existence itself. If you like the term God, then Love is God and God is love.

While we’re here in the flesh, love could be thought of as the visceral sensation of pure, intimate self-knowings and oneness.

At your Source self-awareness, there is absolutely no difference between wisdom, love, and creation itself. To create something is to know everything about it is to love it completely.

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