A king for a day

WARNING: Dark and intense (objective) post.

Today is my birthday, and what better way to wake up and start the celebration than by getting a message from a colleague that Prince Philip is supposedly on his last legs in hospital. Don’t get me wrong death is a horrible thing, but all the more natural and seamless for someone his age. My issue is, for a man that hides behind curtains and double bricks 24/7 he really if you think about it has done just about literally next to nothing in his lifespan to contribute and help develop the planet and continue sustainable and more driven initiates to the idealistic utopian society to live in. His wealth and power have just created him and the Queen an army of deluded and intellectually inept followers who are so brainwashed they forget to open their eyes to what is going on around them. The world IS falling apart, if Covid does not break us then another epidemic or natural force WILL, I guarantee you that. We are a spec of sand in the universe and to observers on other planets and in other solar systems watching us with far more advanced technology and much more complex, evolved and fine-tuned brains than us mere humans. They must be all sending signals to each other saying “these humans are either going to blow each other up in a war or run the planet dry of resources or do something really stupid and not listen and react accordingly to the thousands of signs mother nature is sending them that if things don’t change and shift soon, then it’s just a matter of time before we push the button on them anyway. It’s tough, we only learn from our mistakes by cognitively feeling pain whether it’s physical or mental, and this IS a tough lesson and battle we are going through.

But, the point of all this is, if Prince Philip dies and I became king, it’d stay up for days as long as my body would let me to fix the world within days. No more hunger, no more domestic violence no more wars (because there will be no more weapons!), no more violence, no more bullying, no more gaslighting, no more bad drugs and I’d promote love as my weapon and from my own life lessons and experience that I’ve felt every kind of pain and torture in the book I’ve come out on the other side for the better because the power of love in my brain is still a zillion times stronger than all pain I’ve felt in my life combined.

Love will be the new drug to hit the streets.

We WILL evolve to a species dignified and with the moral backbone and compass where we can venture out into the horizons and different planets exploring and spreading our new message and I get a funny feeling we will be welcome, only then, by other intellectual beings we encounter or even the guardians of the galaxy.

Time to stop being all so morally bankrupt and fight the good fight, if it’s not in our life that we see a change, take pride and satisfaction that your children may be the first to experience life, how it was intended to be.

Because as they say, we are already in heaven, we just don’t know it yet.

A revolution is upon us, it’s time for us all to pick our sides and I’m just hoping everyone has now seen and been exposed to enough stigma where they don’t even question where their headspace and values should be.

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